Students’ Heroes – Part I



In my school, language teachers used to work on different topics and at our own pace. This year we have decided that all 10th graders will focus on the same topic, at the same time but each teacher is free to work on the documents of their choice, provided we cover the same lexical fields and grammar points.

As some of you may remember, in November and December we worked on heroes and role models. The final step involved naming a newly-built school: the students were expected to suggest a hero’s name before a vote. One of the ideas behind the project was to have the students question what a “good” role model is and not necessarily nominate a sports star or a famous singer. I am not sure we succeeded.

Thus my trainee asked her students to work in pairs and present their choices to the class. Like most Fridays, I was in her class last week and listened to these teenagers as they presented their heroes. Here are the nominees:

– Michael Jackson (2 groups)
– Bob Marley (2 groups)
– Bill Gates
– Walt Disney
– Steven Spielberg
– William Shakespeare
– Michael Jordan
– Martin Luther King

My own students were asked to write down their own choices and I should know by tomorrow whom they have selected.

16 thoughts on “Students’ Heroes – Part I

    • Two things struck me when I wrote down this list:
      – the predominance of American figures (only one is English).
      – the shallowness of their choices, which (in my humble opinion) only reflects the shallowness of society.

    • Like you, I have difficulties understanding why anyone would consider Michael Jackson a hero. Maybe because he was successful. They certainly chose to overlook more shady aspects of his personality.

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  2. I was also surprised (and disturbed) at the inclusion of Michael Jackson. I think you’re right about it being a reflection of the shallowness of current society. Also perhaps a reflection on the lack of true heroic figures (though I’m not sure I would want to live in an era which requires truly heroic figures, upon reflection).

    I like how the language departments are synching up. That’s a neat idea.

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