Weekly Review with Kiosk


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Photo Meme:
Red Bistro in Belgium for Ruby Tuesday

JPiX Spring Reminder

New Diet or New Habits?

Weekly Recipe: Mock Gravlax

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Finally Winter, KCC #62, Shvat Sameach! at Batya’s

Rivki’s Weekly Post: Torah Tuesdays: An “A” for Effort

Angel for Shabbat: a Book Review

At the Threshold: Thoughts on Parashat Bo, January 8, 2011, Rabbi Marc D. Angel’s parshah post

Scapegoat by Eli Amir: A Book Review by Leora

Shabbat Shalom!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Review with Kiosk

  1. Your kiosk looks a lot like bandstands we have here in parks and on seafronts here in the UK. They were typically built in the 1800s and used for brass bands to play music from as light entertainment for the public. We have one on our seafront that has recently been restored – some friends of ours are getting married there in the summer!

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