Double Weekly Review for Shabbat New (Secular) Year


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Photo Memes:
Murakami in Versailles for SOOC
Frescoes from Villa Boscoreale for Ruby Tuesday

A Note of Sympathy

Carrot Soup with Coconut Cream

Short for Time

Yearly Review: Selected Posts of 2010

Hush: a Short Book Review

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Leora’s own review : Review with 2010 Favorites from Various Blogs

Kol oto halaylah, a post about time zones in Israel

Moroccan Beef Tajine, on Mimi’s blog

Hadassah blogs about parents and homework

Western Ethical Norms and Halacha by R. Yosef Kanefsky

Five Hours from Paris, this is not recent post but since I watched the film yesterday I thought I’d post a review

A Common Place, this is not a post but a blog I discovered a few days ago

Shabbat Shalom!