Yearly Review: Selected Posts of 2010


It is this time of the secular year again, when people ponder on what they have done (or not) or, in my case, on what I have written. Selecting one post for each month was sometimes a bit hard; there were times when I could have chosen two or three and months for which finding a decent post that was neither a recipe nor a photo was quite hard.

January: Jews in Postwar East Germany

February: Kosher Products in HK

March: Poor Teacher: Surviving Panic

April: Parshat Acharei Mot – Kedoshim

May: Girlhood Caught in Revolutionary Iran

June: Organ Donation

July: Commemorating the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup

August: Jewish History in Hamburg – part I and part II

September: Training a Trainee

October: And They Shall Be My People

November: Mitzvah Girls

December: Sign Language for Babies

My interviews of 2010

7 thoughts on “Yearly Review: Selected Posts of 2010

  1. I love that you have done this – this week turned out to be much busier for me than I anticipated, partly because of our snowstorm and my daughter being off from school for two days, partly just because of work piling up (which I have less time to do than anticipated because of our snowstorm).

    I hope to go through your links when I have a little more time … I enjoyed so many of your posts. Your post on Girlhood Caught in Revolutionary Iran was especially memorable.

  2. Thank you Leora for taking the time to comment; hope you have managed to get some of your work done.
    As regards “Journey from the Land of No”, I felt really honored when I got an email from the author.

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