A Note of Sympathy


Having my nephew to stay for a couple of days before he takes the train back home, I sympathize with all my blogging friends who need to reconcile work, children and their presence online.

Adrien is a chatty 12-year-old who needs a lot of attention and after all he is not staying with us to spend his life on the computer. We had previously envisaged driving to Belgium where he has never been (he lives in the West of France) but the weather conditions have made this too hazardous. Driving to my parents’ in the snow on Sunday and driving back on ice yesterday has proved enough for my nervous system, not to mention safety. We are planning a trip to the movie instead. Hope I am young enough at heart to enjoy the third episode of The Chronicles of Narnia.

15 thoughts on “A Note of Sympathy

  1. Enjoy your nephew! Is that him in the snow? I for one am looking forward to seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader – I often prefer children’s movies and books to those of adults, anyway. Unless it’s a Jane Austen movie…

    It’s nice for him to have a connection to adults other than his parents. I’m sure you can pay attention to him in a different way.

    • Yes, that’s him when we went sledding on Sunday at my parents’.
      I think he enjoys being in his dad’s family. His mom remarried and he has two younger siblings. He commented at lunch time that our meals are very quiet.

  2. Of course, the joy of temporary visitations of young relatives is that you can get them all excited – and then give them back afterwards, lol!

    I hope you enjoy the film!

  3. Thanks for the sympathy! It’s nice that you are able to spend some time with your nephew; we always lived rather far from our aunts and uncles and I feel we were lacking for it. Family is nice, and it’s a way to stretch ourselves a bit outside of our routine, right? Enjoy!

  4. What a treat for you both to be able to spend time together. I’m glad to read that you enjoyed the movie – I’m taking Itai to see it Saturday and had been quite looking forward to it (I love the Narnia books) until I read another blogger’s very negative review.

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    • I also loved the Narnia books which I read when I spent a year in England after high school; I had never heard of them before.
      I haven’t seen the other Narnia films so I can’t say whether this one is worse (or better) but I found it entertaining even if quite dark.

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