Lübeck’s Synagogue






During last summer’s vacation in Hamburg we drove to Lübeck on a rainy Wednesday and were lucky to find that the synagogue was open.

Built in 1879 in the middle of the Hanseatic city, it is still in use although it was damaged in November 1938. The Lübeck Jewish community today numbers around 700 persons, most of whom are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. as you can see in the first photo.

18 thoughts on “Lübeck’s Synagogue

  1. Very interesting!

    Are services only held three days a week, or does the sign refer to times when the shul is open to tourists? (I don’t understand German, but the three days listed – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – are close enough to their Yiddish counterparts…)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Where did you find the information on the community?
      On the Internet, although I didn’t find a smuch as I would have wanted. There are still holes and gaps in what I found. That’s why I wrote so little about it.

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  4. we were in Lubeck in July of this year and found the synagogue which is being renovated and probably closed until around 2016….services are being held in a property adjacent to it The exterior is covered in scaffolding and windows, doors etc are boarded up preventing entry
    Les Cazin, St Albans, UK 2015

  5. Thank you Hannah. I have family history with this synagogue and I’m planning to visit there soon. Do you have any contacts I can send an email to so I will be able to go inside? It is really important for me. Thnx

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