Macerated Cherries with Cookbooks


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16 thoughts on “Macerated Cherries with Cookbooks

  1. That’s a nice photo a jar of cherries with few cookbooks, speaking of cookbooks I really need to check some that my MIL gave to me to start learning cooking, thanks for your post it reminds me.

    Thanks for visitingmy site too.

  2. I am hurting my eyes trying to read the names of the cookbooks. Who wrote the Treasures of the Jewish Table? Then I see the Cuisine of Momo?

    I looked up “macerate”:
    To make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid.

    And here I thought it meant to chew…

    • I am hurting my eyes trying to read the names of the cookbooks.
      I’ll help you.
      – Trésors de la Table Juive (by Martine Yana)
      – La cuisine de Momo, a book with recipes from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. the book was written by a now French Arab chef and includes Jewish recipes handed by friends and neighbors. Only one of recipe in the whole book is off-lilits since it includes seafood.
      – The Book of Jewish Food (by Claudia Roden)
      – Healthy Helpings (by Norene Gilletz)
      – Ce soir on dîne à la maison (quick, mainly French, food)
      – and a book about wine
      – The spiral book is notebook where I write recipes.

      The macerated cherries are steeped in eau-de-vie.

  3. I’m not sure what a “macerated” cherry is, but as a Ruby Tuesday, I enjoyed the images. (if it doesn’t involve chili, I’m not much good in the kitchen.)

  4. I wonder what the cherries are soaking in – brandy? Yet, the visual beauty of the fruit in the jar enhances the cookbooks, sitting together we gan imagine that food can look as good as it tastes…

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