Welcome to Heavenly Heights


Since I didn’t feel like writing a traditional book review today, I decided to adopt a different format rather than not tell you about this book at all.

10 reasons why you should read Heavenly Heights by Risa Miller (some are much better than others):
– This novel is short.
– It was written by a woman and has a distinctively woman’s tone.
– The story is set in Israel.
– The main topic is alyiah.
– The plot focuses on one woman’s experience from the time her husband convinces her it is time for them to go and settle in Israel. It follows them as they move into a block of appartments and learn to adapt and adjust to their new life through their first year.
– The characters are olim and practically all live in the same building, which is why they get to know each other and interact.
– Through memorable portraits, the novel draws a picture of the characters’ new (and not so new) lives which is quite nuanced. To quote Wendy Shalit in The Observant Reader,”they have the same worries and petty jealousies as the rest of us”.
– This book is about relationships as much as it is about alyiah.
– It reminded me of Seven Blessings and The Outside World.
– It is well written.

If you have read this book and wish to add more reasons to this list, feel welcome to do so.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Heavenly Heights

  1. I keep looking at the image, which looks like a bunch of buildings plunked down in the desert. No trees. Doesn’t look like an easy heaven to me.

    Thank you for this nice review.

  2. Your book review/top 10 list 🙂 – especially the first reason (“This novel is short“) – made me smile!

    The author was unfamiliar to me, and so I did a quick Google search. My impression (and I could be mistaken) is that she doesn’t live in Israel. If this is true, I wonder how it affects her view of Israeli life and aliyah…

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  4. I like this style of review – this week I have read far too much at work to inflict further strain on my eyes!

    And the book also sounds interesting 🙂

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  6. Thanks for this. I don’t tend to read novels unless they come recommended – too many books, not enough time. But I’m going to see if our local library has this. Shabbat Shalom!

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