Tips for Sensible Fasting

… aimed at people who have not fasted much. Beware of unbridled enthusiasm, fasting for 25 hours is not easy, especially on a hot summer day.

– Shira Isenberg’s fasting advice on the Jewish Action website

Batya’s advice from 2008 but of course still relevant today

Tips to Ensure an Easier Fast by Ira Milner

My own two cents on the subject

Commemorating the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup





The Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup is the largest planned round up of Jews by the Nazis in occupied France during WW2. On July 16 and 17, 1942, 13,152 Jews were arrested with the help of the French police. This roundup accounted for more than a quarter of the 42,000 Jews sent from France to Auschwitz in 1942, of whom only 811 came home at the end of the war.

In my hometown this event is commemorated on the sunday closest to the event. French officials, war veterans, ordinary citizens and members of our tiny Jewish community gather in front of a monument erected in memory of the Warsow ghetto to recall this shameful event.

There is some music: the French national anthem, the French partisan song, Zog Nit Keynmol and Yerushalaim Shel Zahav. This is followed by speeches: usually one by the chairman of our community and one by a French official on behalf of the government.

The photos above were taken yesterday on the spot. I only dared to take one during the commemoration itself and went back in the afternoon to take some more. The sun was high in the sky so the photos are not very good but I hope they give you an idea of the event and on the location.