All Suggestions Welcome


For the third consecutive year the French Ministry of Education, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that they won’t leave me alone during the holidays and that they are responsible for keeping me busy – lest I get bored I suppose.

In other words, in early September (two days before Rosh Hashanah) I will be asked to provide three texts comprising of about 30-35 lines which will be turned into exam papers – complete with questions and essay titles – in the first term of school. Articles and novel excerpts are fine sources.

These texts are supposed to be authentic (ie written for an English-speaking audience) but also understandable by students whose level of English is not exactly brilliant as they specialize in the services and will do short courses after high school.

This is where you, my dear readers, come into action. Do you have any idea(s) of books that would be pleasant and with an exciting plot (I’ll obviously need to read them) as well as straightforward for the students concerned? I was thinking of novels aimed at young adults, although this is not an obligation, but have no idea what is popular at the moment.