Philosophy: the 2010 Edition


I know you are all waiting with bated breath for this year’s essay questions so that you can wonder what you would have written and share the topics with your children. So here is a selection of the issues that French students had to discuss this morning.

Philosophy is a compulsory subject for all French students at the end of the high school years unless they are preparing a vocational degree. The students have four hours and have to write about one question out of a choice of three – two in the form of a question and one text.

Can art exist witout rules?
Is man responsible for his own happiness?
Can a scientific truth be dangerous?
Is the role of a historian to judge?
Is it necessary to forget the past to envisage the future?
Is it possible to search for truth for its own sake?
An excerpt from Summa Theologica by Aquinas
An excerpt from Moral Education by Emile Durkheim
An excerpt from Leviathan by Hobbes

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