Country Converse


On Tuesdays, just post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED and then link to this blog.


This lovely badge was created by Leora from Here in HP.


21 thoughts on “Country Converse

  1. Great post & great blog. I’ll be popping back to have yet another read through!
    Happy RT – and look forward to *seeing* you again next time!
    Mine’s HERE!


  2. I like the Converse ‘All-Star’ style, as this was the shoe to aspire to own 40 years ago in my youth. I like canvas, not leather or plastic on what were known once as ‘tennis’ shoes. Lovely capture!

  3. I love the photo! Converse are becoming very popular here, once again. They were popular for quite some time, until the other brands took over.

    Happy RT!

    • In fact these are not mine. being the traditional woman that I am, I own a blue pair and a light pink ones; I actually felt quite adventurous when I got the latter.

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