Homemade Yogurts


I recently bought a yogurt maker and have started making my own yogurts. I use the following recipe which I found on the net before buying the new appliance.

Homemade yogurts have a taste and texture that make them absolutely perfect for breakfast, eaten as they are or poured on cereal.

Plain Yogurts
Take one plain yogurt you like and put it in a glass bowl. Whisk it. Add one tbsp of powdered milk and whisk again. Gradually pour one liter (approximately 2 cups) of semi-skimmed (organic) milk while whisking.
Pour the mixture into the glass containers. Put in the yogurt maker and set on 8 hours. When they are ready, put on the lids and store in the fridge for half a day before you eat them.

11 thoughts on “Homemade Yogurts

  1. My Mum used to have one back in the 70s (quite the thing then) – given to her as a wedding present (hmmm…). I loved them with local honey swirled through – but being an odd kind of a child, I didn’t like to make the whole yoghurt sweet, instead preferring the sharp/sweet contrast in my mouth.

    Pity I can’t eat them now – the whole dairy intolerance thing can be a little frustrating!

    • My mom also used to have one.
      After reading an article about yogurts in a magazine which mentioned lactose-intolerance, I did a bit of research and found that after the 8 hours of “cooking” most of the lactose has disappeared.

      • Oh really! Now that is interesting. I definitely have to be very careful with milk (one coffee with milk is my maximum, without me turning into a balloon waiting to pop!), can eat a bit of cheese, but have kept away from yogurts totally, for some reason. My lack of knowledge likened them to milk (consistency, perhaps) and therefore I stayed away.

        I may just try one in the next day or so, and see what happens. Thank you!

  2. It seems so easy to make! I love plain yogurt, but in the Greek style…it’s much, much thicker. I think it can be made the same way, but strained over cheesecloth once it is ready. And yogurt is so good for us too. With a spoonful of honey on top — Mmmmm.

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