Internet and Accomodations


How do you pick up a place to stay?

In a not so far away past, I would buy guide books or borrow them from the local library, decide where we wanted to stay and either rely on the guides for addresses or contact local tourist information offices.

Gradually I switched to the web for more or different information. Then I discovered tripadvisor. This was last summer when we had decided to go to Italy and had found that Verona seemed a nice place both for staying and as a base for sightseeing.

I visited various websites until I accidentally came across a couple of reviews about a flat to rent in Verona on tripadvisor. I enjoyed reading what other tourists had to say about the place and contacted the owner. The rest is history. The manager was just as friendly and helpful as in the reviews, the flat was comfortable and nicely situated.

A few weeks ago when we drove south for a week in Hyères, we thought it would be a good idea to stop on the way. Since we didn’t know where to spend the night I resorted to tripadvisor again and this time came across a nice-looking B&B in Burgundy. As one review mentioned contacting Linda abou tdietary requirements, I thought I might contact them and enquire about a vegetarian option.

It also helped confirm my first impressions that both the appartments and the B&B had a website. It allowed us to have a look at the rooms, the services and the location of these two places. Regarding Burgundy Blue, I also clicked on Facebook blue icon to have a look at the FB page. It comforted the pleasant feeling I had about this B&B. I then again contacted the owners via emails and then by phone. There again the reviews proved to be very helpful and we enjoyed the place so much that we decided to stop again on the way back.

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