Hebrew Quiz I


In an attempt to encourage myself with my Biblical Hebrew lessons, I have decided to start a Hebrew quiz.

Note that the course I am using is targeted at linguists and therefore combines easy notions with more complex ones.

Question 1:
What do the following letters have in common?
א ה ו י

Do not hesitate to elaborate.

9 thoughts on “Hebrew Quiz I

  1. Okay, then, I’ll give it a shot:

    Those four letters are known as “otiyot eh-hevi” (literally, the “eh-hevi” letters) or “imot kri’ah” (literally, “mothers of reading”), and they often (but not always) serve as vowels – especially the yud and the vav.

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  3. Those four Hebrew letters are often used as emahot haKria, or mothers of reading, meaning that they are used as vowels or pronunciation aids. They are extra letters which are sometimes added to Hebrew words to make it more obvious how to pronounce the word, or to make the Hebrew word unambiguous. Having quizzes like this is a great idea!

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