Emails vs Facebook


I realize that more and more people send me direct messages via Facebook, including some who emailed me a few months ago. I wonder why this is and if this is going to be a lasting trend.

Will we have a dual way to communicate with people, via Facebook with our “friend” and via emails for others? Besides we could even imagine that we’d create FB pages, similar to FB fan or business pages, through which they would interact professionally.

Thus my administration and my students could leave me FB messages rather than send me emails. Newsletters, articles and weekly divrei torah would appear on the FB pages I have subscribed to rather than in my mailbox. Then we’d use emails only for e-commerce; unless something else came up.

One issue that would arise is effienciency as we’d have to make sure we know how to get in touch with people when we need a prompt or traceable answer. Too many ways of contacting or being contacted resulting in cacophony rather than productivity.

Do you find that the way you communicate with others has evolved? Do you think we’ll end up giving up emails altogether?

13 thoughts on “Emails vs Facebook

  1. I often take communication out of Facebook and put it in email, so I have a record of it and can easily access it in the future.

    Communicating via Facebook only works for those who use it often. I have friends with whom if I want to connect I need to pick up the phone. And if anyone dares to leave me a message on my cell phone, maybe I’ll get it by next month. There are multiple ways of communicating, and we all have our preferences.

    • I think I prefer emails but I guess younger folks mostly use Facebook. I also use my cell phone quite a lot but know a number of people my age who own one but hardly use it.

  2. I prefer email/phone – mainly because my FB access runs hot and cold. At the moment I am using FB a little more, but it can be weeks sometimes, before I use it again. So anyone who wants to contact me and get a reply quickly – email or phone (and mobile phone at that, I can’t remember when I last used my landline at home!).

    • At home I use the landline when calling another landline because it is free via the Internet connection and my cell phone when I call from work or when I am out.
      I also use Skype with my family in HK. Another great invention.

  3. I will not give up emails. I prefer emails to FB or any other social media. My mode of connection is phone and email, depending on the urgency or content.

    This is not to say I haven’t sent a FB message now and then. That is normally when I know the person is online on FB.

    Skype is a wonderful tool for me to connect via voice over the phone with my son and his family in Japan.

  4. I don’t trust Facebook, so hardly ever send a message.
    Skype? Ideal.
    e-Mail? My contact with the outside world.
    Cellphone? To track my husband in a large store :^)
    Landline? Via Internet and normal another way to keep in touch with the world outside.

    PS. Now I understand why you were in Hongkong!

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