Sunny South – SOOC


I am away from home for a few days. I had taken some photos in Burgundy when we stopped for the night on Thursday. Then, unfortunately, my phone broke down and I can’t retrieve my shots. Therefore I have chosen an older photo, one I took in October, to show you where I am at the moment.

For more shots Straight Out of the Camera:


18 thoughts on “Sunny South – SOOC

  1. I love your photos. I am too tied down to be able to travel, and I am so envious of people who do. Seeing your pictures helps me feel like I am there too, even if just for one tiny moment.

    • I am glad you appreciate my shots Raizy. I am also lucky to have places where I can stay for a few days for free, instead of paying hotel fees. I wouldn’t move so often otherwise.

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