Action vs Kvetching


Dear readers, you nearly got a kvetching post where I lamented the fact that the French administration changed the rules concerning – changed as in “cut down” – the days non-Christian civil servants like myself can take off work for their own religious holidays. But then I was interrupted by a phone call and have not had time to resume the post.

Therefore I decided not to go into the boring details here but to send emails to the Chief Rabbinate and a few Jewish organisations instead. I realize that, between the Chagim and Shabbat, this is not a perfect time yet I was so irrate I felt I wanted to do something about it.

I don’t plan to post a full weekly review tomorrow as this blog, along with most of the other blogs I read, has been quiet this week however I still can’t resist sharing a few links.

Making our Days Count: Thoughts on Counting the Omer by rabbi Marc D. Angel

Time to uncover the matzahs, a question raised by Mrs.S.

Bitter to Sweet Radish Salad, Leora shares more recipes than she announces

14 thoughts on “Action vs Kvetching

  1. Thanks for the link to my only post of the week! I suspect tomorrow will be busy, as I have not done any cooking for Shabbat. Cooking for dinner will take long enough – I have ambitious plans to make quinoa, with ratatouille on the side, but since I don’t make it often I need to pay attention carefully.

    Good luck with the civil servants issue. You wrote enough – I don’t think we needed the full rant, even if you needed to write it for yourself.

    • Enjoy the ratatouille. I once read a recipe where they advised to start with the ingredients that take longer to cook and try to avoid adding water. I often throw in black and green olives at the end.
      On a similar note, I made caponata for the second night and it was lovely with cold meats. I added tuna the next day and it was great just like that.
      Do you cook the quinoa with just water?

      • Yes, it was two parts water to one part quinoa. I just added some sea salt and olive oil at the end. The idea was maybe my kids would eat it like couscous; it worked for my daughter – she ate it with ketchup.

        I’ll make it again for tonight. But my middle son already made a face when he tried the quinoa, and he said he won’t eat it with meatballs (he’s my rice eater).

  2. Good for you! I don’t think civil servants in England & Wales (Scotland will be different and Northern Ireland as well) are allowed such additional holidays (although I could be wrong). But then that’s because officially at least, we are a Christian country since our Head of State, the Queen, is ‘Defender of the Faith’. Interestingly, Prince Charles (I believe) has said that when he becomes King, he wishes to be given the title ‘Defender of The Faiths’ to be more inclusive.

    Taking action over kvetching (or as well as!) in my experience leaves me feeling much better – taking control, being proactive and, who knows, actually seeing a result is much more empowering. And gets the issue out there, rather than being locked inside your head.

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  4. Good for you, Ilana!

    Here, in the U.S., many organizations will honor Jews who take off on holidays, but are not given actual holiday days to take off, such as the Christians are given. Most Jews have to use their personal time, their vacation time, etc., in order to take off to observe a Jewish holiday.

    To me, there has always been something wrong with that picture.

      • That’s true, also…I remember when I was teaching.

        When I was a federal government employee, I remember having to take Christmas off (not my teaching job), because it was one of the holidays we received, but it wasn’t one I celebrated. The entire organization was shut down, so one couldn’t even go into work on that day and work and get paid for it.

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