Sepia Scene – Mrs Lee Kee?


If you saw my entry for Ruby Tuesday two days ago you might remember that it featured a small street store. Here is now a photo of the lady who works there. The shot is a bit blurred as I took it very quickly; I didn’t want the woman to feel she was being observed.

For sepia shots from all over the world, visit Sepia Scenes.


10 thoughts on “Sepia Scene – Mrs Lee Kee?

  1. No doubt she always attends to the details, a proprietor that will offer fine service to any and all customers. She has had a customer focused business for a long time, and really appreciative customers before and always…

  2. Lovely how you left in the green. She looks like she works hard at what she does. She also has a humble look – nice of you to take the shot in a respectful manner.

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