28 thoughts on “More Street Food Red

  1. Eventhough not all the time, but i do enjoy dining in a place like that sometimes because i feel like i don’t have to worry about my table etiquette πŸ™‚

  2. I like to look os street food and vendors. There is no pretension, the food is fresh, tasty and a good vale. I really like those steaming baskets, fresh seafood and rice sounds nice!

  3. Those stall looks very familiar to me. Way in the Philippines stall like that come out late in the afternoon. People will eat just along the side of the street with good pork barbeque and hanging rice.

    Christmas Cactus

  4. Wow, Ilana! Just look at all that red on display in these beautiful captures! I love the blend of tones and textures, too.

  5. Red stools, red jacket, red meat. Is everything in Hong Kong red? Even red plastic. You really give us a feel for the street life. They are working hard, concentrating on their tasks.

  6. They are so atmospheric.

    Did you have any time on your trip where no camera (or iPhone, lol) wasn’t in your hand?!

  7. Nice captures! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many steamers in use at one time.
    I’m enjoying reading your recipes too. Do you make your son’s pancakes from scratch?

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