Thursday Challenge – High or Low


This is the tower where my brother works, the 2 IFC in Hong Kong. It is also a reflection on my life at the moment: everything seems too big and towering.

Join in Thursday Challenge. The theme for this week is HIGH or LOW (Photos from a different perspective, Photos from the top or bottom of Buildings, Mountains, Towers, Underneath,…).


13 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – High or Low

  1. Oh I definitely know that feeling, so can empathise completely.

    Amazing building. I love the glow at the top! I’m not sure I’d like to work in it, though…

  2. Fabulous response to the challenge. I’m sorry it is a metaphor for your life right now – I hope life can feel like a pretty cottage instead.

  3. What a fantastic photo, with wonderful light and contrasts. Great perspective, too.

    I know how you feel and empathize. Things will get better at some point.

    I sent you the information…the first email is not accurate…the second one is.

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