Sepia Incense Lighting


This photo was taken outside the shrines of A-Ma temple. This temple is one of the oldest and most famous temples in Macau. As a rule, I don’t enter Buddhist temples but I happily observed people visiting this temple for the new year from the outside.

For sepia shots from all over the world, visit Sepia Scenes.


11 thoughts on “Sepia Incense Lighting

  1. How lovely in sepia. I like the bits of color, such as the red hat, etc.

    It’s a poignant capture of mood and religious practice.

  2. The tone is soft, the sepia soothing the view of the people. The incense vendor is busily and personally preparing his wares or the temple goers. A nice picture of Macau!

  3. The sepia brings out the ornate posts and inscriptions in the image. I like your selective coloring of the red and white hats and green background.
    Nice work!

  4. I also like the soft-focussing – reminds me of inadvertent vignetting you get with film camera photos, under certain circumstances.

    Very atmospheric – and it takes me back to my Thailand holiday, many moons ago!

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