Today’s Inspection


The last time I was inspected was ten years ago so you can easily imagine how I felt this morning when the lesson started.

In France it is not the school which gets inspected but the individual teacher(s). So today two of us (out of ten English teachers) were concerned by this rare event.

The students behaved well, not that they really do otherwise normally, but at least they played their part and were cooperative. I was a bit disappointed that the more timid girls were more quiet than usual and that the most dynamic boy was off sick but, all in all, it went well.

The inspector seemed delighted with what she saw and during the conversation that followed she was praiseful and showed appreciation of what she had observed. I must admit that I was on a cloud as I often feel that, in this job, we hear more complaints than congratulations.

She also announced that she would raise my “grade” which will translate into a financial promotion in the short run and a more formal (albeit also financial) one in the long run..

Now I can go back to sleep relax and wait for another ten years.

To illustrate this post I have featured a photo of the Jewish high school in Hong Kong, Elsa High School, which is part of the Carmel School Association and is located in Shau Kei Wan.


14 thoughts on “Today’s Inspection

    • We are assessed by the head every year but he doesn’t deal with the pedagogical aspect of the job. That’s why we have inspectors who come to the classroom and observe lessons.

  1. I know how you felt. Being observed while teaching always makes me very nervous.
    How nice that you did so well that you got a raise in salary! Congratulations!

    • I was very nervous too.
      How nice that you did so well that you got a raise in salary!
      Unfortunately this is not instantaneous but it helps greatly. The pay rise will come sooner than if the inspector hadn’t come.

  2. I know the feeling, even when you are doing well, being observed (as they call it here) is eerie. Congrats on the promotion. I’m sure you deserve it! (It makes sense that someone should look in on the teacher before a promotion but it’s not that way here at all.)
    PS I am no longer a teacher

  3. Belated, but heartfelt congratulations! I am sure you deserved every moment of praise. And as you say, teachers generally only receive complaints, so it must have been a wonderful feeling.

    It’s interesting to read how things are done differently, in France. Here in the UK, schools (currently) undergo an OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) inspection on a regular basis, but I think individual teachers are assessed internally, by the school’s governing body.

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