Street Food Red




I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, right in the middle of Hong Kong. Apart from bits of red, they all have something in common. Can you find what it?

On Tuesdays, just post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED and then link to this blog.


This lovely new badge was created by Leora from Here in HP.

14 thoughts on “Street Food Red

  1. I believe we see the Coca-Cola at each venue, although my interest is in the food. The vendors use red as an attention getting device. Although I would expect the delicious smells to attract us first!

  2. The husband and wife team have already closed in on the common Coca-Cola item. 🙂
    Your pics remind me of Anthony Bordain’s TV show where he goes and samples street food.
    Have a great week!

  3. Coca Cola it is! That ubiquitous American drink that we could all do without.

    I shouldn’t read these posts before breakfast – they look like they are enjoying whatever they are eating.

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