New Issue of Conversations


The latest issue of Conversations – the print journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals – has just been published. It discusses major issues in contemporary Orthodox and general Jewish life. This time the focus is on Orthodoxy: Faith, Science and the Pursuit of Truth.

I have only read a few essays so far and particularly enjoyed one on biblical criticism and one on science education and Torah. I highly recommend this book which is an ode to intelligence and emphasizes that one can be an observant Jew without turning one’s back on reason.

A few essays can be found online:
Faith, Science and Orthodoxy by Menachem Kellner
O Tempora O Mores by Jeremy Rosen
The Music of Chance: On the Origin of Species from a Jewish Perspective by David G. DiSegni
The Fertility Dilemma by Richard V. Grazi


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