Jetlag Weekly Review


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Photo Memes:
Birthday Cake for SOOC
Red Menu for Ruby Tuesday
HK House Door for Window Views and Doors Too

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Hygiene in HK

Weekly Recipe: Butternut Soup

Lacking Focus – Thursday Musings

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Grandma Rose’s Hamantaschen, a recipe at CookingManager

Once a convert, always a… (well, you know the word), a post by Rachel

Leora shares a stunning cardinal

Thoughts on Purim 5770 by Rabbi Marc D. Angel

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski: Yeshivas Must Speak Out, Drunk On Purim is Not a Mitzvah!

The latest edition of KCC (the Kosher Cooking Carnival) is up at MamaLand

Shabbat Shalom!


6 thoughts on “Jetlag Weekly Review

  1. Thank you for the complimentary link.

    Must be hard to get back to regular life, after your nice vacation. The boat looks relaxing, if you don’t get seasick, like I do.

    Shabbat Shalom and enjoy Purim.

    • The problem is that I keep waking up early and when I have finally gone back to sleep it is time to get up!
      Thanks for the good wishes but this is going to be a strange Purim as there is no Megillah reading at the synagogue and I am inspected the next day so need to do some (a lot of) work. The inspector wants to see all the things I’ll be doing with my students on the new chapter, not just the one lesson she’ll observe.

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