Because You Love My Ethical Dilemmas


As some of you may know, there was a problem with my cooktop a few weeks ago which meant getting a new one. For organizational and technical reasons, the new top hasn’t been installed yet.

Before it is finally fixed some verifications were necessary. Thus the electrician who set up the electrical network in the kitchen almost four years ago came this morning to examine the compatibility and safety of a socket. However he did it too quicky, decided nothing had to be changed and left. As I had some doubts about his conclusions, I checked online and in a shop and it seems he was wrong.

Fortunately the problem might soon be solved since there is another compatible socket next to the one he was supposed to change. Apparently the new top will be plugged into that one instead of the older one. The problem is that this guy didn’t do what he was supposed to do and also that he literally reeked of alcohol – at eight in the morning.

Should I get int touch with his employer and complain although we can install the new top? What should I complain about?


13 thoughts on “Because You Love My Ethical Dilemmas

  1. Complaining about the bloke smelling of alochol in the morning will get you nowhere (just have a look at the bars, early in the morning!).
    DO call his boss and complain about him not doing what he had to do. If you don’t they’ll keep doing the same thing over and over again.
    I hope you didn’t pay him for his fantastic service.
    Oh, and the fact that there is another, compatible socket right next to the old one, does not mean he should have left the old one as is.
    Bon courage!

  2. Oh, my. Things work so differently for you than for us! If we had an electrician like that, he would have no business. The good electricians in our town are so busy, you have to be really nice to them to get them to come. But I trust them to do a great job. They will warn about fire hazards, too.

    Do you have a Better Business Bureau? A place that handles consumer complaints?

    • It is not the electrician’s own business; he works for a big company that specializes in renovating and building. They have an excellent reputation, which is why we hired them in the first place.
      I have since found a good electrician but called the former since they worked for us in the first place. Mind you the overall result is fine but there were a few minor problems left.

  3. I agree with the others that you should definitely complain. The bottom line is that you didn’t get the service you paid for, and it’s irrelevant that there’s a “workaround”.

    I hope this all gets resolved with no further aggravation for you.

  4. I would certainly complain. The fact that he smelled of alcohol so early in the morning is a big factor, because that will impair his ability to give advice/make decisions on electrical items/supply – what a dangerous mix! In the UK I guess that this would go to Trading Standards – maybe you have something similar in France? Many firms here also have a no alcohol policy (we do) embedded into employment contracts.

    I guess the other issue is getting somebody into trouble. But to be honest, shouldn’t this man at least be given a wake-up call (and a cold shower!)?

    It is irrelevant that you have another socket that will work for the purpose.

    Good luck with getting it all sorted out…

    • You’re right about the inability to make sounds decisions. I was also thinking that he drives one of the company vans and might cause an accident. I wouldn’t want him to be fired because of my complaint though.

  5. I would complain if it were me. Yes, I understand you wouldn’t want him to be fired, but then again, what if he continues his mode of operation, and ends up harming others due to his drinking.

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