January in Normandy





These photos were taken last Sunday in Normandy in a small hamlet called Landemer (literally it means seaheath).

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13 thoughts on “January in Normandy

  1. These are absolutely lovely, breathtakingly beautiful.

    I must get there one day to visit the WWII settings, and the cemeteries.

  2. I just lost my comment..I was saying that this really shows Mother Nature at work. You can just feel the brisk wind and the cold water..however it still has its own kind of beauty..Thank you for posting to Nature Notes/Signs of the Season. I always enjoy reading your posts…Michelle

  3. Not dissimilar to our Southern coastline, right now! Fantastically evocative photos – I feel cold just looking at them. I love the dramatic sky and silhouetted trees.

    My Mum and step-Dad have been to Normandy many times – he used to be a teacher so has taken students to visit the D-day landing sites and other places of similar historical interest.

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