Striving for Discipline


When I was a school student I did a lot of sport. My school believed in healthy youngsters and we got 5 hours of PE every week. Thankfully I had competent teachers and although the sports we were taught were not as exciting as climbing and orienteering – some of the sports my students learn – I enjoyed the PE lessons. I was also part of the school volleyball team; we trained and played once a week.

Things have changed and now I do virtually no sport. I try to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps every day but that’s all. I am convinced however that I should take better care of myself and start moving more.

I tend to think that running has a lot of advantages. It is rather cheap as all you need is a good pair of shoes. You can run practically everywhere. Besides you can more or less fit it into any type of schedule. Yet I find it very difficult to discipline myself and take up jogging.

When I read that Haruki Murakami had written a book about running I thought it might be a good idea to read it, if at least to get a few insights into how I could discipline myself towards more physical exercises. I thus plan to read What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, a book about Murakami’s own experience as a runner.

I have read a few of Murakami’s novels – my favorite being The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – and I enjoyed the narrator’s tone so I am curious to see how this is translated in a book about running.


14 thoughts on “Striving for Discipline

  1. Hi Ilanadavita, for me, I think it helps to get involved with a local runners group. Even though I am not at a level of fitness where I feel comfortable running, I still think being a part of a like-minded group is helpful. What really helps me is to have a goal. My new goal is to finish a half marathon in three hours. So, to do that, I have been training with my local runners club. They have a group that has set up a training schedule for the half marathon. However, you are right, it takes real discipline to do this but I think the goals do help. Plus, for me, competing in running events and really pushing ones self is really rewarding and helps build confidence. If anything, I have a lot of fun and gain new friends.

    My last race was the Frost Bite Run, which was a ten mile hilly course. Even though I came in third from the last, I still made my goal time and even got a warm reception at the finish line. It was sure was a challenging course but I had a fun conquering it.

  2. Good luck. I’ve done running – it’s not me! Although I am a lot lighter and fitter than when I used to drag my sorry self around in my running shoes… Nope. I don’t think I will. But you go right ahead!

  3. I enjoy Murakami’s books, even though they are often filled with depressing moments. He speaks of the humanity within individuals.

    I have seen his latest book on running, and thought it would be a good read, and might buy it the next tine I’m in the book shop.

  4. I absolutely HATED gym as a child. My boys don’t seem to mind it all. I am so glad my daughter enjoys ballet, as she learns at a young age that exercise doesn’t have to equal playing ball.

    I am not into running; I wish we went hiking more. When my kids have no interest in doing anything anymore with my family, my husband and I will finally go hiking again. I try to walk and do yoga. I should probably do more, but it’s not happening right now.

  5. One of the bloggers I visit is running marathons. If I could, I would go back to my yoga and karate classes as I really enjoyed them. But now, I get physical therapy for simple things like balance…sigh….maybe some day…Michelle

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