Help Welcome


My glass ceramic cooktop has just experienced a short-circuit and judging from the smell is likely to be irrevocably damaged. Hopefully an electrician will come tomorrow, see what can be done and decide whether we need to replace it.

This means a few days with only a microwave and a regular oven. In the meantime I’d be most grateful if you could suggest links for cooking sites which provide microwave recipes for every day cooking. Thanks in advance for your help.

9 thoughts on “Help Welcome

  1. Sorry to hear about that! You can use your microwave for just about anything, with a few exceptions. I have a few ideas on my site, if you search for microwave. Let me know if there is something you have in mind and I will convert it for you.

  2. By the way it’s a great idea for a post, but I don’t know if it will be in time to help you! Eggs: grease a glass bowl, add a beaten egg. Cook for 60 seconds or until just before center sets, it will finish cooking afterward. Scramble once or twice during the cooking time.
    I also have a couple of recipes at A Mother in Israel.

  3. Do you have a crockpot? You can make all sorts of soups.

    Love the photo you included – rather funny way to describe kitchen problems! Good luck. You’ll survive. Bake some casseroles? What a pain.

  4. Oh no! Good luck with getting it fixed. I nearly suffered a serious injury when our very old cooker (this was 12 years ago, and the cooker was at least 10 years old then) decided to attack me when one of the electric rings changed into an arc welder and shot an electric arc in my direction!! Luckily, I ducked and it hit the wall instead.

    We have a microwave and use it very rarely… for scrambled eggs!

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