In keeping with what I wrote on my former blog two years ago, I am currently re-reading The Book of Jewish Values – A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.

The book presents ethical issues – one for each of six days with a time to review on the Sabbath – by weaving ethical Jewsih laws with practical advice. Telushkin uses a variety of resources: personal experiences, topical issues as as well as Hasidic tales to explore an issue. He is always clear and concise and his writings encourage us to be more ethical in our daily dealings with other people.

In addition the book includes a topic index, a full index, an extensive bibliography and a glossary of Jewish texts.

6 thoughts on “Re-Reading

  1. I own this book, and totally like the content. Rabbi Telushkin’s books always speak to me, and each time I read one I gain so much. I continue to reread certain sections of his books, giving me thoughts to reflect on.

  2. I like the design cover of the book. I also enjoy how you are attracted to reading about ethics. I mentioned something to my college age niece about friends who are attracted to Judaism because of ethics, and somehow this surprised her. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps that’s the age when young people often question however they have been raised.

  3. This is on my list of books to buy. I was also (even more) attracted to Judaism because of its ethics – it seems to be something that isn’t so apparent in other faiths.

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