My Friends (and Nieces) Love Books


Following my Favourite Books of 2009 post, some of my friends have provided their own links.

The book reviews and excerpts on Leora’s blog, complete with photos and illustrations

– Rachel has reviewed two of Chaim Potok’s novels

– Jew Wishes has a list of the favorite books she has read in 2009

Phyllis is still writing her book post. She plans to post it at the beginning of January 2010


9 thoughts on “My Friends (and Nieces) Love Books

  1. Thank you for linking to my snippets of reviews. I don’t even remember when I wrote the review of Mary Poppins!

    I see reading is genetic in your family. My eldest son (now 15) used to “eat” books when he was 6 months old. He still eats them – by going to the library and bringing home a stack, which in the summer he could read in a few days.

    Love how the little one is looking up to big sister.

    • I knew the youngest ones were keen artists but I hadn’t realized your eldest was a bookworm too. It is nice to have kids that share one’s tastes, even if we don’t want them to be replicas of what we are.
      Love how the little one is looking up to big sister.
      Apparently they get on really well.

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