American Jews, Jewish Writers


I finished the book about American Jews on Shabbat and have found it captivating and well-documented. After a chapter about the various waves of Jewish immigration to the US, the author tries to explain the roles, real or imagined, American Jews play or have played in different areas of American life.

He concludes by envisaging a future where American Jews will be less numerous – because of assimilation and inter-marriage but also because other groups are getting more numerous – and will thus not count as much as they once have.

In a recent post Shimshonit blogged about an issue which fascinates her, namely the choice writer make or don’t make to write as Jews. She mentioned a book that deals with this issue through a series of essays written by various Jewish American writers, Who We Are – On Being (and Not Being) a Jewish American Writer. I then decided to order it and have just received it. I hope to be able to start it soon – school isn’t quite over yet – and will probably share my thoughts on this blog. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “American Jews, Jewish Writers

  1. Ilana, I’m sure you’ve read Amy Bloom. we did Away in my classes this semester and we all loved it. Read it if you haven’t… I have Philip Roth’s Indignation waiting to be read but I hear the ending is devatating!

  2. Away is a good book, in my opinion, covering immigration and assimilation quite well.

    Indignation is excellent.

    I am going to order “Who We Are”, as it sounds like a book I would be interested in.

  3. We were talking about living Jewishly in shul this past Shabbat, and what it meant and how you could express your Judaism in day to day life. I think I’m doing quite well in exapnding my ever-increasing Judaic book collection, it has to be said. Even one of my secular Jewish friends (a photographer) realises that the work that he does is inspired by his Jewish history. I don’t think he could imagine doing it any other way.

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