20 thoughts on “Red Cafés

  1. It is a shame that the cold season is upon us now. Each of these beauties looks out of place now. However, can we imagine a warm day, small round tables with petite umbrellas, with laughing friends together with a class or Vin or a stout espresso. Just relaxing and watching the world pass by. In the Spring, the outdoor revelers will brighten up these places again…

  2. Is that shot of Cafe Welcome in France? I’m amazed that the local council allowed an English word as part of the name of a business. I thought that was punishable by something disagreeable:-)

  3. What lovely photos, Ilana. I like the reflections in the windows, the contrasts of tones and the wonderful red exteriors.

    I love windows and doors, and you have captured them so well.

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