To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?


With more and more people getting sick both in France at large and in our school, vaccination against the A H1N1 virus has been on my mind a lot lately. I have noticed (on FB mainly) that some folks got the vaccine or had their children vaccinated. I have also phoned a cousin of mine who is a family physician to ask him his opinion before making up my mind.

What about you? What are your thoughts and plans about the epidemic?


14 thoughts on “To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?

  1. I wouldn’t take it, partly because I have yet to see that the regular flu vac is effective. Also, there have been side effects to the vaccination. I would take my chances of my immune system fighting it. It is a risk, because I’m asthmatic, but as there is no evidence that inoculation works, so I’ll pass.

  2. I totally agree with Jane.
    For me: NO way, even though I also belong to the ‘risky’ group with my pulmonary problems.
    The vaccine is too young, I find and the side effects are frightening.
    And who tells me that those promoting the vaccination don’t happen to have shares in the companies that make the vaccine?
    I do accept the ‘normal’ flue vaccination, though. Every year, like a good girl.

  3. I don’t take it, nor have I given it to my kids.

    The alternative health blogs that I read warn against this new vaccine especially (Dr. Mercola, Natural News). Now, they do tend to be anti-pharmaceutical in the extreme, but I’m not taking any changes.

    What really was a big warning sign was the number of miscarriages women had after taking this new vaccine. Is this all made up:

    I don’t want to take a chance to find out.

    Vitamin D. Boost the immune system. Eat healthy food. Get enough rest.

  4. I had both the H1N1 and the regular flu shot this past friday. Every time I have taken these shots, I have had a much healthier winter. Fewer illnesses, much less congestion. Overall, I’m very happy to have had the shots.

    And yes, I think all the conspiracy theories are just that. Millions of people take these shots and the results are provable. Its your choice, but don’t come complaining when you have an 103 fever, a sore throat and a pounding headache.

    The shots work.

  5. my kids who haven’t had H1N1 got the vaccine. they’re pretty young and the doctor was pretty adamant about its necessity. i probably won’t get it, neither will my husband, just because we’re really not in a risk group…

    the whole thing does seem a little overblown to me though…

  6. I am not getting vaccinated, although my daughter and son-in-law did. My sons did not. I also know of others who have.

    My baby grandson, Logan, was tested for H1N1, and it came back positive. He is absolutely fine, now, and fortunately had a mild case of it. I was exposed to it, obviously, but did not come down with it.

    • I’m glad he had a mild case. Many kids locally had it a few months ago, and all of them recovered easily. One reported that her kids were sick; the next she reported they were better.

  7. We vaccinated our kids without a second thought. My husband and I are both over 40 so we’re unlikely to get priority for the vaccine. Who wants to get sick, or to take care of sick kids? And to take time off from work and school? One of my daughters may have had a mild reaction to the vaccine, but she wasn’t really sick, just a sore throat and a headache. It’s worth it to avoid H1N1.

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