I Really Should Be Working


– We have a face-to-face meeting with parents tonight and I am still wondering how I will find words that they might relay and that will have an impact on the students and improve the way they learn English.

– I have 30 papers to mark on a sales meeting between an American and three Japanese that turned sour for lack of understanding and sensitivity; wish me luck. The full article is here.

– It’s high time I booked my February flight to Hong Kong to visit my brother and his family but I can’t decide whether to fly with Cathay Pacific or Air France. Has anyone in the blogosphere ever traveled with Cathay Pacific?

– After two months as the proud and fascinated user of an Iphone I still marvel at all the things I now do on my phone. However it seems that some countries are far ahead of France when it comes to performing everyday tasks on their cell phones. Mobile payment is one of them. Are there things you wish you could do from your phone?


14 thoughts on “I Really Should Be Working

    • 1. Thanks!
      2. I have traveled with AF before and have enjoyed the service but an article in Le Nouvel Obs seems to point to security flaws.
      3. I used to be like this and used to ask who wanted a phone that makes coffee but the iphone changed my outlook. What’s more as the nearest ATM is a bit far, I wish I could use my phone instead of cash.

  1. I got to see both sides of parents’ evenings (as we call them here in the UK), given that my step-dad used to be a teacher! A fascinating insight into the things some parents will say and do to convince the teacher of the angelic status of their darling child! I wish you the very best of luck with that!

    I’ve flown with Air France (thumbs up for your national airline!), and a friend of mine has flown with Cathay – they said they were excellent. But then again, it was First Class….!

    Aah, the iPhone. You know I’m a fan too! I think you also get a better experience if you have a Mac rather than a PC – friends of mine with PCs seem to find some features a little more difficult to cope with than the seamless integration experience us Mac-identified people. For me, at the moment, one of the most useful features is the ‘National Rail’ App. One of our lovely train companies is on work to rule, so being able to find out which trains are actually running rather than using the fictitious timetable is very useful indeed and saves lots of teeth-gnashing at the station! Then of course, there are the time-wasting features. I also found Torah and Tehillim Apps too, which are equally useful, but in a less down-to-earth kind of way. As for what I wish I could do… not so much of a fan of mobile payment myself (call me old-fashioned!). I actually can’t think of anything else I need it to do for me at the moment.

  2. Wow, your article looks like those I see tweeted by business people. I prefer the technical posts.

    Good luck with all. Enjoy Hong Kong when you finally go. I retweeted your Cathay Pacific question – there must be travel experts out there that could help. Next time try a hashtag like #travel or #hongkong.

  3. I have flown Cathay, and recommend them. Nothing wrong with Air France, I’m sure, but I have never flown them.

    iPhones…are fantastic.

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