New Bathroom




We’ve just had the bathroom remodeled, which took almost five weeks. We are now thinking about paint(s) so suggestions are welcome. I hope you will excuse the poor quality of the photos but they were taken with my phone as I was eager to send them to my parents.

24 thoughts on “New Bathroom

  1. Very smart – and very similar colours to our bathroom, except our floor tiles are the same colour as the walls. It looks like your sink tap is the same too!

    I agree with Lorri on the cabinet colour, actually!

    • Now that I have looked at the photos again, I can see why people think I wish to paint the cabinet. In fact two walls are (now) bare. You can see a little bit of one in the second photo.
      As concerns the yellow rubber duck, nobody is that age any more here! But I suppose I could get one for my nieces.

  2. Enjoy. The best part of a new bathroom (as we have old and new in our home) is fixtures that don’t leak. I noticed that tub is separate from the shower. I don’t usually see that in U.S. bathrooms.

  3. Very pretty! I love the color of the wall tiles (we have something very similar in the bathroom we installed last summer), and I like how you have matching stripes on the walls and the tub.

    Use it in good health!

  4. Titchadshu on the new bathroom. I’m sure it was a hassle during the renovations, but nothing’s nicer than enjoying a new, updated bathroom or kitchen. I’m not sure I have an accurate picture of the colors in the photo, but perhaps a terra cotta color paint on the walls would pick up the red-brown tiles in the decorative stripe?

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