Cold War Era Not Totally Over


Litioni, proine, imenal, hical, dessevol, misip. What do these combinations of letters have in common?

These are all codes Blogger has required me to type in the past few hours so as prove that I am a real commentator, as opposed to a spammer, before allowing my comments to be made public.

Obviously the people who work for Blogger are nostalgic for the Cold War period – when the West spied on the East and vice versa – and think they will make us feel thrilled and important while we type their cryptograms.

Unfortunately it is more likely that they do not put themselves in the shoes of the human commentators who wish to leave a simple message on people’s blogs. Other blog publishing systems – TypePad and WordPress come to mind – have simpler and less irritating ways of enabling comments and those using their systems are not overwhelmed by spams.

Dear Blogger, today we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, could you, please, find more adequate and less bureaucratic ways of filtering spams?

10 thoughts on “Cold War Era Not Totally Over

  1. If you have self-hosted WordPress, you can choose to turn on CAPTCHA (that typing in of words that you hate) via a plugin. Just thought you might want to know… in case you want to torture some suspected communist? 😉

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