Attempts at Being Greener


I have just discovered this new meme and thought I would give it a go. I am certainmy not a very “green” person but I am trying to change a few habits. One of my top concerns being what we eat and the repercussions on our health.

I happened to go shopping yesterday, like most Wednesdays or Thursdays. For once I had made a rather exhaustive list of what I needed, which included fruit and vegetables. As I had little time I had planned to do all my shopping at the local supermarket rather than go there and to the small greengrocer’s where I often shop.

Once in the green section, I thought I would have a look at the organic products. One of the reasons was that after the summer season it is more difficult to find local products unless you want apples, cabbage or potatoes. Thus a lot of fruit and vegetables are imported from Spain. The problem with Spanish products is that they contain pesticide residues which pose potential health hazards.

Therefore I decided to buy organic potatoes, carrots, zucchini and bananas. Unfortunately since the range is still rather small it was necessary to add some non-organic vegetables, including a Dutch red pepper (most certainly grown in a greenhouse).

What most surprised me was that the total wasn’t too expensive, maybe because of the list which prevented me from buying useless products.

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8 thoughts on “Attempts at Being Greener

  1. Nice post. I have always felt the added cost of going organic was worth it… but you’re right, it’s often NOT more expensive because we make smarter choices. I’m off to explore my own markets right now.

  2. There is a list somewhere of which products should definitely be organic and which one can compromise. Strawberries is one that should be organic, and probably apples, too. Since eating vegetables is better than not, I usually buy a mix of organic and non-organic.

    Great that you are participating in this meme!

  3. Welcome to Think(ing) Green! I am happy to have you. I know this meme is small and I guess I am not out talking about it. We too have decided to go more green and have been really surprised at all the waste and the unhealthy products and foods were have been buying. It is a process and I am happy to hear that you are also trying it… Michelle

  4. I like how here in Israel, fruits and vegetables are – for the most part – only consumed in season. In the States, just about everything was available year-round, and we didn’t think about what was in season and what wasn’t.

    But here, apricots, for example, are only to be found in the summer, and now, we’ve started the citrus season (including one of my favorites – the pomelit – i.e. the oddly-named “sweetie”, a cross between the grapefruit and the pomelo).

    • I too like the idea of buying what is in season – seems to make more sense to live according to the seasons than our own whims.
      I’m very fond of sweeties too, apparently the “real” name is oroblanco. However my favorite fruit at this time of year is clementine.

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