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Ban the books?, Hadassah writes about censorship in school libraries – don’t forget to read the comments too

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15 thoughts on “School Vacation Weekly Review

  1. Thanks for the link. I spent some time looking at Hadassah’s post, and my reaction is from working for the other side of the coin, the Banned Books celebratories (via the American Library Association). There is no discussion, at least publicly, of why it might be OK for someone to tell someone NOT to read a certain book. Should Lady Chatterley’s Lover be a top read for teens on this Banned Books week? Really, now.

    On the other hand, one librarian did try what she was going to call a “kosher” bookshelf for the teens, in response to Orthodox Jewish mothers who did not want their teens in the teen room; I think the librarian gave up, because none of the teen books are “kosher” according to the right wing Orthodox standards.

  2. Tell me, how kosher is kosher for books, according to the right wing Orthodox standards?

    To be very honest with you all, I find this ‘Banning of Books’ extremely frightening. As a parents, I would feel utterly frustrated and (I think) angry, because – after all – isn’t it our responsability to guide our children in their choice of literature, be it a comicbook or a novel.

    Thank you, Hadassah, for opening up this subject. Very interesting post and very interesting comments.
    Thank you, Ilana-Davita, for the link.

    Shabbat Shalom!

    • i think any parent, religious or not, needs to be aware of the content of the books their children are reading. you don’t want an 8 year old reading Jackie Collins. it becomes a question more of where to draw the line. i believe it should only be up to parents to censor the type of books, not society or schools or school districts. censoring books just makes them more appealing. i remember huddling behind the bike shed with 3 girlfriends reading Judy Blume’s are you there God, its me Margaret. It was banned. we therefore wanted to read it.

  3. I totally agree with you, Hadassah, and that’s the way I have done it with my daughter (now 35), who does the same with her son (12).

    When it comes to Jackie Collins, I would draw the line at any age and suggest a better author :^)

  4. I absolutely adore your photo…the textures, paint tones, windows, brick, everything that makes a perfect picture.

    I definitely feel that it is the parent who should censor their child’s books. I was careful as to what my children read, and they are the same way with my grandchildren.

  5. I like this photo very much. The subtle yet interesting colors and great composition make this a winner. I also like your organic veggie post above. Organic may cost a little more, but is so much better for us, the farmers and the earth.

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