Lekh Lekha


When we reach the story of Abraham, we have the feeling that we are approaching a completely new dimension in the relationship between God and man.

When God addresses Abraham and tells him to leave his land, He is addressing an individual, a man with a destiny – not just with a mission. This idea of a personal relationship between God and man is reflected in the first blessing of the Amidah where we say: God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob. We affirm that there is one God who has a unique relationship with each and every one of us – just as He had a special relationship with the patriarchs, starting with Abraham.

The weekly parshah reminds us that, even if God doesn’t ask us to leave our land, we sometimes need to reconsider our spiritual journey and thus our unique bond with God. Like Abraham we are encouraged not to take everything for granted, to leave behind external influences and try and understand what God expects from us as unique individuals.

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8 thoughts on “Lekh Lekha

  1. I suppose the idea of a special relationship with all of us individually can be contrasted with that of needing a “go-between” person in order to connect with God.

  2. I know that my personal relationship has changed drastically over the past year. I have had to do some soul-searching, and gone through periods of time where it has been hard work. Right now, I’m in a great place and feel very blessed to be so.

  3. What serene scene in the photo…pure loveliness.

    Your post is thought-provoking…and the journey we seek isn’t always the one that we end up traveling towards. G-d often has a different purpose for us.

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