Would You Use This?


The Amazon Kindle was released in France this morning. So far the only kindle books available on Amazon are in English which means that, unless they start including books in French, the sales will probably remain limited .

While I was talking via Skype with my sister-in-law she asked my opinion about this new device. She had read an article about it today and was considering getting one.

Being an avid book reader I have mixed feelings about the Kindle. I suppose it is tempting to be able to store and easily access hundred of books. On the other hand I reckon I would miss the paper and the feeling of a book, not to mention the fact that it can’t be used on Shabbat.

Do you own a Kindle or have you ever tried one? Do you think you might ever succomb and get one?


14 thoughts on “Would You Use This?

  1. Since I do most of my reading – at least the offline variety – on Shabbat, that would certainly be a big issue for me.

    But I imagine that a Kindle is great for someone who does a lot of traveling or for when one is stuck in a waiting room.

  2. i love books. just like leora says, “the old fashioned kind.”

    my husband has a kindle and it kinda rocks. i can zip through a book much faster on it than a paper book. for travelling, it’s amazing because you can carry only the kindle and you have a whole library at your fingertips. he’s downloaded tons of free (public domain) stuff and so has a whole library of classics (i was reading little women on it the other day, as well as the complete shakespeare, for example)

    a downside: new books, of course, cost money. there’s no such thing as the library where you can borrow new books for free.

    it’s still really really cool. and i pulled up my blog on it just to see how that looks. cuz i’m a geek that way:-)

    • Since I mostly read in English I buy the books I read as our local library has very few of them. I would actually probably save money in the long run with a kindle but the object itself seems somewhat “cold” compared to books.

  3. I like to hold books, mark books, throw them in the car when I go out for a drive (and leave them on the back seat without fear of them being stolen). I sometimes give books away – especially on planes. If I enjoy my book en route to somewhere, I pass it on to the stewardess (flight attendant, or whatever they call them now). My walls everywhere are lined with books. My cats sit on the piles by my bed and “file” them on the floor if they want my attention.
    Can’t do any of that stuff with Kindle.

  4. I might use one for traveling, but overall, no. I like the feel of an actual book. I like reading a book with physical pages, not on a monitor or display.

    Barnes & Noble has just come out with their own version.

    • What’s nice about that, is here in the U.S., one can go into a Barnes & Noble book store, physically browse the books, and if they want to download one later on at home, they can do so.

      But, it’s not my way to read books.

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