Post-Chagim Weekly Wrap Up


On My Blog

Photo memes:
Red Maritime Details for Ruby Tuesday
Prince’s Home and Museum for Window Views

Blogger’s Block

Weekly parshah post : Bereshit

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Phyllis blogs for Blog Action Day

Mimi’s photo of Moroccan Shabbat Fish inspires my own Friday’s evening dish

Mom in Israel has questions on Leftovers and the Kosher Kitchen

Leora writes about Favorite Books from Childhood

The Civil Marriage Bill in Israel: A small step for… womankind?? by Elena Sztokman

The free service: a new shul model, an article about Yom Kippur at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in the Canadian Jewish News


10 thoughts on “Post-Chagim Weekly Wrap Up

  1. thanks for the link! i also thought that fish looked so yummy. i don’t remember being particularly enamored of the recipe when she posted it but now with the picture…i’m going to have to try it!

    shabbat shalom!

  2. Wow, ladies, it’s great to hear that “Mimi’s fish” is a hit with you.

    Leora, thanks for the link. I wish you had come to the blogger’s evening. Maybe future time…?

  3. I meant – thanks for the link Ilana-Davita. It’s late at night and my mind is blinking off and on…I wish both you and Leora had been at the evening. And hope that a future visit to Israel will bring you to my table.

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