Blogger’s Block?


I have tried to write a few posts since Sunday evening but seem to be suffering from blogger’s block. I have tried to pinpoint the reasons for this lack of inspiration but am not sure what it is that makes it harder than usual to put fingers to keyboard.

– Fatigue: the kids at school are getting tired and thus more tiring. What’s more the days are getting shorter and I am beginning to miss the long and bright days.

– As much a I love my job, teaching is a job that cannot easily be left behind once at home. I tend to obsess over the preparations that need to be done and have difficulties relaxing and focusing on other more pleasant things.

– The succession of Chagim means that the blogging rhythm slackens.

– Two students and a former colleague (aged 50) have died since we got back to work in September and this is beginning to affect my morale. All the more so as I learnt last Friday that a recently retired colleague is terminally ill.

I still hope that I will be able to write and post a parshah post before Shabbat. To this effect I started Covenant & Conversation by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks last night. I have only read the introduction to the book of Bereshit but found it quite enlightning. I liked how Rabbi Sacks reminds us that apart from being a book about the beginning of the world it is also about how everything begins within one family.

“By placing the stories of Genesisbefore the bok of Exodus, with its story if the birth of the Israelites as a nation, The Torah is implicitely telling us of the primacy of the personal over the political.”