Quick & Tasty Omelet


Beat (at least) two eggs per person. Add a little water, salt and pepper to taste. Heat olive oil in a skillet and pour the omelet mixture once the oil is hot.
Meanwhile gently warm some fresh cream and add some fresh dill. Leave it infuse for a few minutes.
Once the bottom of the omelet is cooked but the top still runny, add strips of smoked salmon. Then add the cream and dill mixture. Fold the omelet and serve immediately.


6 thoughts on “Quick & Tasty Omelet

  1. Sounds like the kind of omelet one must make without children present. Even if they don’t eat, they will interrupt while you are cooking, and you won’t be able to the salmon in while the top is still runny!

    I love the care you put into the omelet.

    • I love the care you put into the omelet.
      I love omelets so over the years I have tried to make them with a variety of ingredients, including leftovers, like for this one (the salmon).

  2. Ooh, that sounds yummy! I love omelets, and I love smoked salmon. I never cook eggs in olive oil, though, the flavor just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m used to eating eggs cooked in a less-flavorful oil.

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