Must Read


I mentioned last week that I had received the latest volume of Conversations, the journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. Now I made it my Shabbat Reading yesterday (in betwwen bouts of migraine) and found it incredible.

How Not to Make Halakhic Rulings by Daniel Sperber can be read on their website.

The Changing Status of Orthodox Jewish Women by Naomi Schacter can be read here.

– There is an amazing article about the contemporary Contemporary Orthodox Jewish Family in America by Chaim I. Waxman which you can also read online.

I’d particularly like to recommend The Virtual Parent by Yeoshua Eliovson about teenagers and the Internet. As an educator, I found it fascinating and believe all parents of teenagers or pre-teens should read it too. It explains why teenagers are such easy targets for consumer companies. It then develops the factors that have increased the gap between parents and teens since the development of the Internet. Finally it exposes the strategies used for successful youth marketing. However Yeoshua Eliovson believes that parents still have a role to play and that it doesn’t involve turning our backs on new technology and living in a secluded world.

Other great articles in this journal include the conclusions of an empirical study of sexual life of observant Jewish women, a piece about singles in the Orthodox community, a discussion about the need for honesty when dating and planning for marriage and a few others.