Reading List and New Year Challenge


I have just received The new issue of Conversations, the journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. This issue deals with Orthodoxy: Family and Gender Issues. I had not realized the journal had been released so it was a nice surprise to find it when I came back from work today.

A few days ago I ordered Maimonides, Spinoza and Us: Toward an Intellectually Vibrant Judaism.

After a conversation with Jewishes via a post I checked Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s latest book on the Internet and decided to purchase: Covenant & Conversation, A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible, Genesis: The Book of Beginnings.

I find that Rabbi Sacks is one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of our generation so thanks to this book I hope to continue to post reflections and insights on the weekly parshah every week.


12 thoughts on “Reading List and New Year Challenge

  1. And the challenge is… to write the parsha posts? To read the books? To understand and review the books? All of the above and then some?

    An impressive list! Good luck.

  2. You are right, Rabbi Sacks is one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of our times. I am currently reading ‘Radical then, radical now’ which I want to study with one of my classes. It’s marvelous! Can’t wait to hear how you like his parsha book.

  3. Holy guacamole! That book title (Maimonides, Spinoza and Us: Toward an Intellectually Vibrant Judaism) reminded me of Rabbi Marc Angel’s oral lecture Rambam and the Philosophers: What Reason Can and Cannot Attain (cf. the written summary thereof, Rabbi Mark [sic] Angel on Rambam and the Philosophers (Rational Judaism)). Rabbi Angel’s lecture is essentially a historical fiction, about what Rabbi Angel would have said to Spinoza, to convince him to remain a believing Jew, had Rabbi Angel been alive at the time.

    So I check the URL you give, and what do you know, but Rabbi Angel wrote the book you are advertising! Holy guacamole! I was going to ask you to tell me what you thought of the book after you read it, but heck to that – I’m buying it too now!

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