Pre-Yom Kippur Weekly Review


On My Blog

Photo memes:
Swedish Island for Today’s Flowers
Textile Factory for Ruby Tuesday
Shul Windows: Stockholm for Window Views

Taking Over

Rabbi Lau in French Secular School

Weekly Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Eureka!! We just got our water bill, Baila and her family have reduced their water bill

A never ending source of amusement, Mrs. S. attends the annual gan meeting

Fasting Tip, pieces of advice for the coming fast by Shimshonit

Interview with NJ Playgrounds, Leora interviews Sheila of NJ Playgrounds

Receiving an unexpected dividend from the karma bank, an “Only in Israel” type of post by Treppenwitz


10 thoughts on “Pre-Yom Kippur Weekly Review

  1. You are always so busy!!

    I love the photo…so serene and beautiful.

    Thanks for all the other links you listed…I will definitely check them out.

    • Good question. I suppose I have no good excuse other than lack of time on Thursday evening to plan this post properly. Will you forgive me? I promise to do better next week and the following.

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