Pumpkin Soup


Since I have too little time to go home for lunch on Fridays I have decided to bring food and eat at school. I also found last week that a soup in a thermos bottleis quite nice. I just need to make soup for Thursday’s dinner and re-heat it the next morning.

Yesterday my mother gave me about some pumpkin along with a few zucchini. I froze half of the pumpkin and kept the rest (about an eighth of a middle-sized pumpkin and searched the web for recipes. What follows is a combination of web recipes, the contents of my fridge and pantry and my imagination.

Sauté one soft onion and add the cubed pumpkin and one middle-sized zucchini (sliced). Cover the vegetables with vegetable stock and a tablespoon of curry paste. Then add 1/2 cup of red lentils and simmer until the vegetables fall apart. Season to taste.

To finish I incorporated a little coconut milk and then tossed in some chopped cilantro when I served the soup. However I tasted the soup before adding the coconut milk and it already tasted fine so just consider it an option.

10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Soup

  1. Oh yum! I normally bring my lunch in to work – right now I’m on a vegetables kick – so I throw (sometimes literally!) any combination of tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumber, green beans, onions, kidney beans (yes, not a vegetable I know!), celery, sweetcorn and so on into a tupperware and have that with some hoummous and pitta bread for lunch. But as we get to cooler weather, soup is definitely calling me!

    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. I have been glancing back through your posts and see a lot of interesting photos; I wasn’t taking time to comment but I must tell you I really like this photo…

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