Taking Over


I have mentioned on one or two occasions that I have two new classes this year. I teach them Business English and prepare them for a two-part exam: a written paper and an oral.

For the written part of the exam the candidates get an article they have never seen before and which is related to a Business theme such as “Getting a Job”, “Human Resources”, Company Values”, “Retailing”, “Getting Global”, “Business Ethics” and ten more. They have to summarize it and translate a few lines. The oral is in two parts: they need to account for a written or oral document and also present a former work experience in English.

It is a new challenge both because it is completely new to me and because the students are older than those I am used to. I realize that I like the fact that they are older and usually more mature than ordinary high school students. It is nice to deal with young adults.

However I still feel daunted by the fact that all this is new to me. I am used to a certain type of English vocabulary and teaching situations but not to Business English – or at least not much. In addition I am taking over a colleague who had taught this course for years. Therefore I am always wondering if I am doing the right thing and what he would do.

I guess I’d need some sort of specific training that would help me feel more confident and at ease. Meanwhile I will have to trust my instincts and understanding of what the course is all about and how it should be devised and taught.

6 thoughts on “Taking Over

  1. I am sure that your colleagues and administration think you are capable of teaching the area, but I agree, it would be good for your confidence to have some specific training. My best French is very much limited to the business area that I work in, as I listen to my colleague speak it daily. Not much use in every day conversation!

  2. It’s a lovely photo to go with your struggle…may you have smooth sailing.

    Would reading business blogs be at all helpful? Seth Godin or Chris Brogan are two of the most popular names.

  3. I am sure you will do well, and that as the days go by you will begin to gain more confidence.

    Leora’s idea is a great one.

    I love the photo…it is very symbolic of your new situation.

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